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Amish Custom Doors is located in Ohio , West Virginia and Ohio Mills doors and other woodwork  for primarily construction !! We also make  / mill furniture , kitchens , flooring , wooden beams and other wood products !! We supply NC , SC , VA , TN , WV , OH , KY , IN , NY , NJ  and surrounding states !! In addition we ship via Fed Ex freight to the entire USA  !!  Some of the doors an entryways you see on our site are stock items . We don’t take every job however we do take every inquiry  !! Call or email for a lightning fast response !! Send your drawings / pictures with dimensions along with your contact information by emailing info@doorsdoorsdoors.com or use our Contact Form and we shall respond as quickly as possible !! We don’t run a machining shop where wood is glued up an the routered  out using a cnc computerized table to make false panels an such !!  Doors need true free floating  panels to  allow for expansion and contraction which limits warping an twisting !! Our doors with multiple pieces of glass feature true divided glass ( not one piece of glass with grill  )

We make custom doors in the old world tradition  of one door @ a time by skilled craftsman  ( not an assembly line )  we realize our doors aren’t for everyone however if you are a discriminating buyer looking for lasting quality you have found a source for hand crafted wood work !! Please take a few extra minutes to look at the pictures showing the milling of doors and other products !!  When you place an order you will receive pictures via email of your project throughout the milling process !! Our custom doors aren’t hollow or veneer but solid wood  !!